The Best Things You Should Know About the replica rolex GMT-Master 16700 Watch

The Swiss watch manufacturer fake rolex launched its first GMT-Master in 1955 under the reference number 6542.It was the beginning of the GMT-Master,which was in production for almost 45 years before Rolex wrote the final chapter of the model.In fact,the last GMT-Master was the one with the reference 16700.This model could be produced from 1988 to 1999.However,despite the fact that the last GMT-Master 16700 was made more than 19 years ago,the watch is still alive and well.

And like the pilot's watch it is today,it continues to sell at sky-high prices to this day.with air traffic around the world.This meant new challenges for the pilots.

You needed to know the time in several different time zones at the same time.At the request of Pan-Am Airlines,who were looking for a watch that could help their pilots,fake rolex released the GMT-Master,which has since become known as the pilot's watch.In 1983 Rolex launched the GMT-Master II with the reference 16760.But even though Rolex introduced the new GMT-Master II,that didn't mean that the GMT-Master had to be withdrawn from the market.-yet.

Because in 1988 replica rolex introduced a completely new version of the GMT-Master.The so-called 16700.Back then,just a year ago,the new GMT-Master II with the reference 16710 came onto the market.GMT Master II 16710.The difference was in the price,as the ref.16700 was available for less money.

Increase in value

This ref.16700 could be bought for less than the cost of the GMT Master II,in part because it was made only in steel.

The Craftsmanship Behind the GMT-Master 16700

Like all Rolex replica watches,the GMT-Master 16700 employs sublime craftsmanship.This model is equipped with caliber 3175,in which the two hands are independent of each other.This means that GMT Master can display two time zones.GMT Master II,on the other hand,can display a third.

The watch also features a quick date adjuster that makes it easy to change the date without having to move the hand past 12 o'clock.The watch also has the hack function,which means you can set the date watch precisely by stopping the movement when you pull it all the way out of the crown.The clock also has four hands.Second hand,minute hand,hour hand and GMT(Greenwich Mean Time),which is the red hand that indicates the second hour zones.

The watch was embellished with unbreakable sapphire,which is known to best protect the dial.The hour markers should be luminescent and surrounded by white gold.Additionally,Rolex offered the model with an oyster or jubilee.Line.However,in 1989 Rolex introduced a new patented clasp on the oyster chain,which was intended to prevent accidental opening of the chain and thus increase the security of the watch.

The Iconic Pepsi Crown

We can't get around the crown because the reason why the watch is called"Pepsi"today is because of the iconic red and blue crown,which are of course the colors of Pepsi.But what many probably don't know,and what I don't know,is that the watch was also available with a black bezel at the time.However,the black crown did not have the same advantage as the red-blue.Because there really was a meaning to this color combination.

The"Pepsi"crown had the advantage that the colors indicated the daytime and nighttime hours in a different time zone.The red showed the hours of the day and the blue replica rolex the hours of the night.But unfortunately everything has to come to an end.In 1999,fake rolex discontinued production of the GMT-Master and continued production of the GMT-Master II.However,both models are still on the market.